The Miracle Benefits of YOGHURT

Natural Wonders Yoghurt

Yoghurt on your plate!

Yummy for your tummy: yoghurt

Produced by bacterial fermentation of the milk, yoghurt makes for a healthy and easy addition to your daily diet. This dairy product is a good source of protein, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, vitamins, zinc and potassium. Added to that, the good bacteria present in yogurt, makes it even better.

Yoghurt has additional benefits when compared to its source – milk. It is more safe for those with lactose intolerance, the active cultures in yogurts are easier to digest, and thereby are less likely to cause lactose problems. (However, some people might experience lactose intolerance symptoms even when they consume yoghurt).

Health benefits of yoghurt

There a host of indispensable benefits associated with yoghurt, they are:

  • Good for the stomach: Yoghurt is known to have a soothing effect on the stomach, which is why eating yoghurt is one of the most common gharelu nuskha (home remedy).  The good bacteria found in yoghurt are extremely beneficial to our digestive system, especially the colon and the stomach. An effective way to digest spicy food is to consume some yoghurt along with it. Cow’s milk contains low fat and is the preferred choice for preparing yoghurt.
  • Boosts immunity: The nutrients in yoghurt helps strengthen our body’s defence mechanism, thereby proving more protection against seasonal cold, cough and such.
  • Good for your skin: Regular consumption of yoghurt hydrates the skin and improves skin texture and complexion. In fact, applying yoghurt on the face or mixing it in a facepack will help reduce blemishes and strengthen the collagen in the skin.
  • For a healthy heart: Yoghurt lowers blood pressure. It helps lower bad cholesterol and reduces risk of heart attacks.
  • A super-healthy source of proteins: Yoghurt is a wonderful source of natural proteins and thus extremely beneficial for vegetarians. It is also safer for those with lactose intolerance to eat yoghurt.
  • For healthy bones and teeth: Being rich in calcium, it protects the bones against osteoporosis and arthritis. It promotes bone growth and strengthens the teeth. So, start consuming one cup of yoghurt daily.
  • Increases life span: Bulgarians are known for their longevity, this is attributed to yoghurt consumption. So it can be said that yoghurt is responsible for their longevity.
  • Discourages vaginal infections: Diabetic women are more prone to yeast infections. A study trial that included diabetic women found that, on consumption of yoghurt, the women did not develop yeast infections.
  • Aids weight loss: Yoghurt is known to make one feel fuller and therefore helps in cutting down calorie intake in the next meal. In fact, some studies also suggest that yoghurt helps in burning fat. So if you’re trying to lose weight, you know what you should do!
  • Protection against colon cancer: Regular consumption of yoghurt cleans the colon, flushing out harmful disease causing bacteria. This helps in prevention of colon cancer.

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