Hello III MCA Welcome Back….

Get Going with Multimedia this Semester!!


Media Presentation

Basic format of Audio and Video Multimedia systems

What is Multimedia

Applications/Uses of Multimedia

Applications and uses of Multimedia

Given here is a old Multimedia E-book

Mutlimedia – eBook

MPC Levels

The MPC(Multimedia PC ) Levels

Multimedia- Concepts

Audio Formats

Audio File Formats

Audio Format Part II

Understanding Audio

Applications of Multimedia

Single User Multimedia

VIDEO – Basics and Techniques

Video Compression


More on Video Concepts:

Video Basics

Inter and Intra

Video- interlaced Vs Progressive

Video Broadcast Basics

Optical Storage :

How the CD was developed

The compact disk

Exisistence of CD

Hard-Disk Structure:


History of Magnetic Storage


All About Storage

Multimedia Database:

Indroduction to Multimedia Database

What is a Multimedia Database

Mutlimedia Database(MMDB)

Fax Server Basics and Process :


Basic Facts about Fax

Fax Servers and Broadcast Fax Services

Advantages of the fax server

How Fax Machines Work


Indroduction to Servers:

Introduction to Client-Server

Database server

File Server

Server Types

All About Database


Introduction to Multimedia Production Managment

Managing Production and Post Production

Multimedia Production PLANNING

Testing and Delivering Multimedia Application


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